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         Marine, LLC
Hank & Kelley Macchio
PO Box 1164
47452 Lost Tree Tr.
Buxton, NC 27920
(252) 995-2185  Hank
​(252) 305-6974  Kelley
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Hank and Kelley Macchio are long time residents of Hatteras Island and are pleased to serve our neighbors and the guests that look forward to each visit here.

MidWatch Marine and Resort is a family-owned small business that was created in response to requests and concerns of absentee homeowners and the need for local marine repair service.  In 2012 our mobile marine repair business flourished and it became very apparent that the our customers would be best served if we narrowed the scope of work our company performed.  

In 2013, we discontinued absentee homeowner services.  For our marine clients, convenience - without sacrificing dependable and professional service - is what we continue to strive to deliver.  

Kelley is a licensed North Carolina Real Estate Broker and owns the real estate firm Homes On Hatteras. Hank is a 21+ year Veteran of the United States Coast Guard and has served as an engineer and boatswain's mate.  He retired in 2011 as the Officer in Charge at Aids to Navigation Team Wanchese and brings all of his experience to MidWatch Marine. 

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"This past May, we decided to bring our 35’ Contender with twin 350 Yamahas from Virginia Beach, VA to Hatteras by water and leave her there for about a month to take advantage of the exceptional spring fishing. In preparation for the trip, we put on a fresh coat of bottom paint, had the engines serviced, prepped, checked and double checked all of the mechanical and electrical systems. After all of this preparation, a boat is still a boat and it’s going to need to be serviced. We ran the boat over 212 nautical miles from our marina in Virginia to Hatteras Harbor in Hatteras village, stopping at “The Point” along the way to catch a load of Tuna of course, and then proceeded to use the boat from sun up to sun down as much as possible. Well here is where our problems started, these new 4 stroke engines are great, other than the fact that they MUST be serviced every 100 hours which by the way goes by VERY quickly when you are using the boat as I just described. Scheduling and getting the 100 hour service done is always a royal PIA even in a well populated area with several Yamaha dealers like Virginia Beach. Now take the same boat to Hatteras and just try to find someone to service her in a timely manner. The closest dealers to Hatteras are in Manteo and Wanchese but they are always backlogged at least 3-4 weeks and will not travel “all the way down there”! So I started calling around and asking everybody I could “who I should call”. Every single person I spoke with including the Yamaha dealers in Manteo and Wanchese said call Hank Macchio and here is his number. By the third call, I just replied with “thanks, I already have his number”. So I called Hank, left him a message, and he promptly returned my call. I explained my situation to him and expressed that I tried to plan accordingly but 100 hours runs up very quickly. Hank quickly replied with “This is what we do, we understand the demands of offshore fishing and we’ll take care of you.” A few days later, we were up and running with our time clock set back to zero and were able to feel at ease knowing the boat was ready to safely make the long run back to Virginia Beach. Thank you Hank!

Thanks Again-
Adrian Reddington

7.17.2011 via Mid Atlantic Offshore Angler forum

" I have been meaning to post this for a while.  When on vacation in Hatteras in May I had one of my engines shut down offshore, after a 3 hr crawl in on 1 engine I figured my fishing vacation was over.  Steve at Teachs gave me Hank Macchios number and said he could probably help.  Since this was on a Friday afternoon I had very little hope but called anyway and left a message. Sat morning at 7 am Hank called back and said he would come over an look at the engine in an hour.  Now I could offer my mechanic at home $1000 cash and he would still put me off til Mon at the earliest, so i was very impressed with the service. Hank pulled up at my rental house in his mobile workshop and had me up and running in 3 hrs. I expected this to cost some serious cash but he only charges $60/hr so for $228 on a sat, at my house no less, Hank left me a working engine and wouldn't take payment until he wrote an actual invoice and mailed it to me. Needless to say I was very impressed, If you get into a bind down there give him a call (252) 995-2185. "  Pat

" I just had Hank come to my beach home in Hatteras where I keep my boat on a trailer and he did the 100hr service on my twin 150's.  Did a great job and was reasonable. Good guy to work with. "

"I second Pat's endorsement as I was there while the repair was completed. Spot on trouble shooting, diagnoses and repair with common sense and affordability. Very professional, friendly and accommodating. Always glad to support local business especially when it is top notch."  Greg


"I figured I would write a review as I was very impressed with Midwatch service. Hours before hurricane Irene was to hit Hatteras my generator died. I was given Hanks number and he responded right away. That night in the dark he arrived and got everything up to perfect working order. On top of that he offered for me and my girlfriend to to call him if we had concerns about the storm as it approched. With his Coast Guard history this put us at great ease. I would recommend his services to anyone who is looking for great quality work!!!!! " Brian in Buxton